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Many   kinds   of   radiation,   e.   g.   sun   X-ray,   Gamma   and   Laser   rays   are   known   to   everybody.   I   only   deal   with   earth radiation   (often   called   water   veins)   and   electro   smog.Only   running   water   creates   friction.   Stagnant   water,   e.   g. in   buckles,   does   not   produce   friction   and   is   not   measurable.   If   the   wishing   rod   takes   over   plastic   buckets   full of   water,   it   is   due   to   radiation   from   the   ground   below.   You   can   contact   me   for   more   information   under:      Phone 01713190200.  Some additional information about my topic can be found in this book: “No cancer without water veins”.       
Is it me too interesting to see how we treat our health? Having written this sentence I stop to think whether I can spare my body one are the other burden. One of these often ignored burdens is BAD SLEEP. There are many sleeping disorders. Without sleep life is not possible coincidentally  I read about earth radiation and I was able to end my problem by just moving my bed to another place. But there other possibilities and you don’t even have to move about this in various articles in the “Online Book”: Life dreams and Reality (see navigation list).

A. Einstein: “Look deep into nature 

  and you will understand everything better”

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